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Experience and Reliability


We at Timely Auto Shipping  take pride in our ability to ship your car anywhere in the United States. We are a fully licensed, bonded and insured auto shipping broker with decades of experience. We provide a high standard of safety and security for our customers. This includes making sure that your information is kept safe and secure on our own dedicated servers.

We work with top-rated carriers on the road that are fully licensed and insured. Between their insurance and our bond, your car will always be in good hands. We use carriers that are able to adapt to modern technologies including coloading practices to reduce pickup and delivery wait times, GPS tracking, and much more. This way, you know that no matter who is shipping your car, they’ll be top-rated, fully licensed and insured and will work hard for you!

Multiple Options Made Easy for You


You don’t want to trust your car with just any vehicle shipping company. Safety, security, those are paramount when it comes to shipping a car, which is why you want to find someone who is reputable and reliable. More than that, you want options. Whether you’re shipping a daily driver or a garage-bound antique, having the right shipping carrier is important. Our agents know all the ins and outs of car transportation and will help you find the right carrier – and the right method – for your needs.

You have the option for open or enclosed transportation as well as door-to-door or car transport services, and we offer quotes for all options as well as other variations that you can discuss with an agent. Get the right vehicle shipping services, at the right prices, through   Timely Auto Shipping  .

Open or Enclosed? Door to Door


When you first decide to ship a car, you have to choose which methods you’re going to use. Most customers simply opt for door to door auto shipping via an open auto transport carrier. This is the standard method and is often the cheapest, fastest and most cost effective method of shipping a car. But they aren’t the only options.

Enclosed shipping may be useful if you’re shipping a high-end vehicle. A luxury car, for instance, or a car that is better suited to being in a garage than on the road. And then there’s door to door vs. terminal shipping. Door to door is the standard method and is where a carrier gets as close to your home (or other given address) as possible for both pickup and delivery.